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Who is the most important vendor on your wedding day?

Stock photo of groom and groomsmen before wedding.
The photographer is one of the most important vendors on your wedding day.

When I first started DJing five years ago, I thought the DJ was going to be the most important vendor of a wedding day. I mean we play the music to get the ceremony going, we get the crowd excited and celebrating at the reception and we have the microphone to make all the announcements and keep the flow going. Right? Wrong! It's my opinion, and I know some might disagree with me, your photographer is the most important vendor of your wedding day. Here's the reason why. They have one chance and one chance only to capture a moment. There are many times during the wedding day they are setting up poses, but some of the most beautiful pictures I've seen from weddings are those times that are spontaneous and not planned at all. This is why many full-time professional photographers have chosen to have an assistant with a second camera at a wedding, so they hopefully capture as many moments as they can. They are responsible for capturing every moment of your special day and making sure that you have a lifetime of memories. A couple's wedding day is usually the most important day in their life. It is the day they decided to create something unique and commit to each other for the rest of their lives. In doing so, they join two families together that never was before. This is why it's so important to hire a good photographer. A professional photographer can be very helpful in planning the shots throughout your wedding. They will know how to frame your family and friends with attention-grabbing poses that create beautiful memories. If you are looking for a photographer, ask around, do an online search and make sure they have experience in the wedding industry. There are some photographers that are great at taking photos outside with no flash, but they don't have the proper equipment to take great pictures inside. Make sure you see their portfolio of wedding pictures before hiring. Also, some photographers have a unique style. Make sure their style matches with what you want. Although they may come highly recommended, they're specific style might not be for you. At Nomad DJ Entertainment, we do our best to communicate and cooperate with all the vendors you hire for your wedding day, but most of all we make sure that your photographer is ready and in position to capture those special moments we know you're going to want to look back on for many years to come. You can visit our VENDORS page and check out some of the photographers we recommend and have worked with in the past. We hope this article helps someone in choosing that perfect photographer for their special day.



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