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What oTHER clients are saying

Raelee and Trevor Hartje.jpg

Raelee & Trevor Hartje

Married (07/11/20)

Absolutely Amazing!


Damon was absolutely amazing!
Our journey to become husband and wife was a little crazy. From the local plant where we live at blowing up and blasting out our widows to Covid messing everything up & us having to change things, Damon was there for us through it all. He constantly checked up on us & made us feel like we actually mattered.
He wasn’t just a DJ he became a friend to us.
He is extremely professional but definitely knows how to make a party happen!
He also has this neat app called Vibo that lets you upload any song you would like which is great since I’m so indecisive and change my mind so much lol
Also my mom was head over heels with him she danced the night away until they finally had to tell her to go home LOL she also was a major Damon fan!!!
Highly highly highly recommend!!!!

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